Giedrius Oliškevičius

Sorbum Goup | General Manager

Giedrius studied in Estonia, later in the USA. Throughout his professional life, he has been actively involved in the interface of wholesale and retail trade, the thinking divide and miscommunication between sales and marketing departments. He says that he is a practitioner to the core, he hates bullshit, so his clients respect him for his open, straightforward, but always honest approach and decisions. It’s often biting, but after passing through its filter, the whole life looks like a bed of roses. Hates dilettantes and non-professionals.

For 20 years, he has been managing the buyer’s marketing agency Sorbum Group, which works in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In Lithuania, the agency is among the 3 largest advertising agencies according to VŽ data. Giedrius hopes to be useful to those who are not afraid of the truth.

Giedrius teaches in these courses:

Brand manager


Learn from someone else’s mistakes and master the art of managing your brand so well that it speaks for itself.


Creative Performance


Fill in the gaps in your knowledge of creativity in design and analytical processes, learn to communicate with both creative and number-crunching teams, and become a universal employee.

Creativity in advertising


Learn to ask the right questions, make bold decisions and create advertising that captures the hearts of award committees and consumers.

Digital advertising


Give your brand a Digital advertising strategy that will stand out from the crowd and create tangible results.

Video production


Video production from A to Z: idea generation, script writing, visual communication, production and all the other stages.


How to Create a GOOD Brand


From an idea – to a brand that meets the highest standards of ethics, sustainability, and utility. That is the path that you will follow in this course.

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