For business

Leading companies are well aware that continuous employee development is part of their business success. Therefore, we have already prepared, or can offer training programmes for organisations to provide their employees with the necessary competencies or raise their qualifications.

Team training

It is worthwhile to send a group of colleagues to The Atomic Garden, as we help all the team members gain knowledge and competencies while teaching everyone to face challenges as one. Besides this, the training is an excellent tool for motivation. Are you looking for a more attractive price? Of course, we’re willing to discuss that.

Individual training

It’s not exactly what we’re looking for... We’ve heard this before. Contact us, and we will prepare a training programme that suits your needs, services and products.

Targeted training

There’s willingness, but there’s no time? In that case, we will provide your team with the necessary knowledge in a certain area. A few hours of training will provide information about the latest trends, along with comprehensive insights.

Creative session

The Creative Brief Contest is a 3-4 day intensive creative marathon, where young creatives and experienced mentors work together and look for advertising ideas that could solve a pressing problem facing society, with the aim of building a more sustainable world. Would you like to contribute to this initiative? Contact us!

Team building

Inspiration does not grow on trees, but we would be happy to inspire your entire team during team building activities or on another occasion. We’ll organise inspiring sessions with artists, visionaries and bright personalities. We offer an abundance of unexpected experiences, and the opportunity to think outside the box.


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