All of our teachers are advertising professionals with many years of experience working for the best Lithuanian or foreign advertising agencies, or even managing these companies. You will learn from creative managers, copywriters, art managers, senior creatives and strategy managers. They will do their best to make you feel like you are all working together at the same agency.

Giedrius Oliškevičius

Sorbum Goup | General Manager

Emanuelis Ryklys

Brand manager

Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories | Founder

Daiva Tonkūnienė

Brand manager

Sons & Daughters | Business Development Manager and Partner

Laura Dabulytė

Brand manager

Budinti komunikacija | Communication Consultant

Olivia Sprinkel

How to Create a GOOD Brand

Sustainability Strategy and Communication Consultant

Tomas Eidukevičius

Digital advertising

Choco Agency | Performance Marketing Manager

Audrius Janulis

Creative Performance

Google | Export and Startup Industry Manager

Daiva Plauškaitė-Andrade Camacho

Creative Performance

Ogilvy Vilnius | Head of Strategy and Research Department

Artūras Olšauskas

Creative Performance

Media House | Business Development Manager

Marius Poškus

Creativity in advertising

Ogilvy Vilnius | Head of Design Department

Tomas Nemura

Digital advertising

Choco Agency | Co-Founder and Director

Antonio Bechtle

Creativity in advertising

BM Boutique | Partner, Creative Director

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