We are just as proud of our alumni, whom we call Atomics with a capital A. Whether they came to our school to gain more knowledge or to start a new stage in their career, they are now top-level professionals and our best business cards. Read reviews and learn more about the first-hand experience of studying the courses you find interesting.

Jurgita Koženiauskaitė

Nord Security | Animator

When I started this course, I already knew that I wouldn’t take a vacation, I would have to spend time trying myself in different areas. But this course still exceeded the limits of my knowledge. However, the challenge was much greater than I expected. The whole course was like a fun roller coaster with sudden creative ups and downs, but all the course teachers were very supportive and helped me not to stop with their professional advice. Clare, the head of course, always found time to advise on a strategic issue, participate in product name brainstorming, copy review and corrections before presentations. As animator, I broadened my horizons about brands quite a bit, and that alone was worth it.

Viktorija Mačkinytė-Kordiukova

I started training at The Atomic Garden Vilnius as soon as I returned to Lithuania after several years abroad. To be honest, at the time I had no idea of what I wanted to do here and in what field I wanted to work. Having worked in fashion and journalism before, the world of advertising seemed like the right fit for me, so I decided to give it a go. Apparently, my goal was to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work in an advertising agency. However, although I later realised that I was more suited to other activities, the knowledge and skills I acquired here are still vital in my daily work.

Vesta Oldenburg


After spending some time at school, you realise that you know even less than ever. It makes you feel anxious that you weren’t previously interested in this horrible but wonderful thing called advertising. And then comes the real breakthrough. You become an avid reader, experiencer and listener of all things related to advertising. You become more open to life in general and, in the end, you start to create appalling, and maybe sometimes brilliant, advertisements yourself.

Ugnius Mikšta


In your spare time from cooking edible masterpieces, partying, sleepless hours – expand the boundaries of chance and meet your future best friends, colleagues and ex-girlfriends. Naturally, you’ll also learn everything you need to know about advertising at the same time. And you will do it with the help of the best in the industry and with your ability to forget your ego.

Toma Kanytė

This course was a memorable experience for me, with a comprehensive, enriching process, lots of interesting insights and a quality outcome. It gives more than you can take: branding that critically touches all aspects in a way that brings different lessons, benefits and value to everyone. Practical knowledge, real-life examples and discussions with professionals in the field are what this course can really promise. The whole path is not easy, it requires commitment and active participation, but the end result and the lessons learnt during the process are even more rewarding.

Paulius Slivinskas


To be interesting and influential in the world of advertising, you have to learn that you’re not here for the sake of self-expression. During my time at The Atomic Garden Vilnius, I developed a sense of versatility and it was the best thing that could have happened.

Miglė Žebrauskaitė

Sons & Daughters

When you come to the Creativity in Advertising course, you turn into a weird person (if you weren’t already): you turn off your adblocker, wait for adverts while watching TV and startle your friends by speaking non-stop about the best campaigns.

The Atomic Garden Vilnius is a school that introduced me to the world of advertising and made me think differently. Here I have gained knowledge that I cannot find in any book, explained in such a broad way. The atmosphere here was motivating and encouraging to learn. Here I learned to tame my creativity, so that it’s not just one-off flashes of ideas. I was also surprised to discover how widespread the Atomic community is – practically everywhere in the advertising field I find people who have studied or teach at the school. It’s great to see that if you don’t let go of your passion, the advertising industry is waiting for you.

Mantas Ribelis


I am happy that we finally have a high-level Creative Performance course in Lithuania. Best of all, it was created by The Atomic Garden, which brought together the innovators of this new direction. At the moment, the market is witnessing the fusion of creativity and performance art, and brands that understand the necessity of this are several steps ahead of their competitors.

This course is very dynamic. It is a chance for participants with different objectives to learn and network. The strength of the course is undoubtedly the teachers, who share their experience, as they are the best experts in the market from the best agencies and companies in Lithuania and abroad. That says it all. The course is very flexible – you get what you take. Creative Performance is the future and this course is the best tool to get to grips with how to employ this trend to your personal or business benefit.

Kornelija Jurevičiūtė

For everyone, but certainly not for those who just want to listen passively. I have to admit, I didn’t expect that much work myself. Now you have lectures, and now, look, you’ve got an assignment to do and you’re spinning around like a bee. There were some stuck moments when you don’t know where to go next, then you call Clare, the course leader, who breaks the ice from your thoughts, leads you out of all the (not only comfort) zones and bang! A few hours later, you have 3 pages of ideas on where to go next. It wasn’t easy, but it was a good, very good process.

Kipras Štreimikis

… when you see an elderly supermarket cleaner who seems to be typing something on her phone, but when you get closer you see that she’s just putting on a pair of rubber gloves, you stop for a moment and you realise the differences between generations, the influence of social networks, changing habits, addictions that can easily be transformed into a new advertisement, and then you remember what your teacher said: life comes first, so you stop, you put an idea somewhere in your head for the future, but what can you do when after this course your perception completely changes, so you work every moment, and your thoughts are just one long sentence, full of ideas and insights that never end…

Jonas Venckūnas

Papa Goose

I hesitated long and hard about joining The Atomic Garden, and had a lot of doubts about whether the school would meet my expectations. Now I can safely say that it was more than worth it. I met many professionals of this market and learned more in six months than others do in four years of university. And, of course, I got the job I wanted and loved. What more could you ask for?

Jogaila Ivašauskas


I had long been dreaming of working in advertising, but I was lost, distracted and wandering around in circles. The Atomic Garden fundamentally changed the course of my life by helping me harness my scattered creativity, introducing me to the colourful world of advertising and giving me the opportunity to learn from the coolest teachers. In addition, my dream came true – after finishing the Creativity in Advertising course, my teacher Rimantas Stanevičius invited me and my creative partner to join the creative team of Milk agency.

The experience and knowledge gained at The Atomic Garden school is unique and invaluable – it helps you not to get stuck in the creative process, to believe in yourself and to always find a way out. Being a creator is not easy, but I say THANK YOU for the opportunity to engage in it every morning.

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