David Reid Anderson

Higher educational consultant

David is a published author, playwright and academic. He has designed and delivered curriculum for his, award-winning, creative advertising courses at UCA (2013-19) and LAU (1994-2013) in the UK. David specialised in teaching students how to learn, creative thinking, strategy and copywriting, that was supported with theory. He was external examiner to a number of universities advertising courses in the UK, offering colleagues advice on how to improve the student experience on their courses, as well as overseeing assessment practice etc. David was often called upon to be a panel member of validation and revalidation of creative courses at both BA and MA level. David initiated an international mentoring scheme with ad agencies in New York and London, enabling his students to be briefed by creatives from around the world affording them feedback via online platforms. Prior to joining academia, he enjoyed 9yrs as a creative in advertising, reaching creative/board director status, having been in graphic communications beforehand.

David is eager to contribute to the growing success of the Atomic Gardens: “Atomic to me is total energy, a real buzz of everything fusing to create a sense of wonder, and the garden is somewhere to grow something beautiful, to nurture, and eventually prosper from its creativity”.

David teaches in these courses:

Creativity in advertising

Learn to ask the right questions, make bold decisions and create advertising that captures the hearts of award committees and consumers.

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