It has become clear who will represent Lithuania at the international Young Lions competition in Cannes

On Saturday, it became clear who won the first place in the “Young Lions” national competition organized this year by “15min Grupė” and the school of creativity and advertising “The Atomic Garden”. The winning duo – Ignas Vėželis, who works at the branding agency “Andstudio” and Mantas Lukoševičius – will represent Lithuania in June and compete in the international “Young Lions” competition, which is part of the international creativity festival “Cannes Lions”.

17 couples expressed their desire to participate in the national “Young Lions” selection. On April 18, they gathered in the “Solo society” space for the creative session of the competition, the young advertising representatives heard the theme and task of the competition – to educate the public about the importance of forests and their preservation and to remind us of the responsibility of each of us to protect forests.

The young creatives had to submit a creative idea and solutions for its implementation to the commission within 24 hours. During the entire competition, professionals in this field shared their experience and knowledge with the participants – teachers of advertising and creativity school “The Atomic Garden” Rimantas Stanevičius, Gabrielius Jucevičius, Renata Šarkauskaitė, Giedrė Ona Šileikytė and Marius Poškus.

After defeating 16 other teams, the creative duo of Ignas and Mantas proposed a suggestive campaign idea “Don’t interfere. But you can look.” The main idea of the proposed campaign was dictated by the insight that humans should not interfere with the life of the forest and its ecosystem, but with the help of digital technologies it is possible to monitor forest processes, thus actualizing the importance of forest preservation. The mentor of the winning duo is Giedrė Ona Šileikytė, the founder and creative director of the “autoriai” agency. The works of the participants were evaluated and the winners were chosen by a competent commission: head of “Sengirės fondas” Rimantė Paulauskaitė-Digaitienė, head of “15min” brand Ieva Šakinė – Valevičė, creative director of “Truth” agency Marius Mozuraitis, creative strategist Vaidotas Valantiejus, teacher of “Atomic garden” Mantas Poškus.

The jury unanimously assured that the couple, who will appear at the international level in June, revealed the theme of the contest – forests and their preservation for the future – originally and fully fulfilled the given task, and at the same time offered a strong visual implementation and solutions for the development and longevity of this campaign.

The international “Young Lions” competition in Cannes will be held in June during the main “Cannes Lions” festival of creativity. The duo representing Lithuania – Ignas Vėželis and Mantas Lukoševičius – will compete here with dozens of other teams from all over the world.

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