We are just as proud of our alumni, whom we call Atomics with a capital A. Whether they came to our school to gain more knowledge or to start a new stage in their career, they are now top-level professionals and our best business cards. Read reviews and learn more about the first-hand experience of studying the courses you find interesting.

Mantas Ribelis


I am happy that we finally have a high-level Creative Performance course in Lithuania. Best of all, it was created by The Atomic Garden, which brought together the innovators of this new direction. At the moment, the market is witnessing the fusion of creativity and performance art, and brands that understand the necessity of this are several steps ahead of their competitors.

This course is very dynamic. It is a chance for participants with different objectives to learn and network. The strength of the course is undoubtedly the teachers, who share their experience, as they are the best experts in the market from the best agencies and companies in Lithuania and abroad. That says it all. The course is very flexible – you get what you take. Creative Performance is the future and this course is the best tool to get to grips with how to employ this trend to your personal or business benefit.

Kornelija Jurevičiūtė

For everyone, but certainly not for those who just want to listen passively. I have to admit, I didn’t expect that much work myself. Now you have lectures, and now, look, you’ve got an assignment to do and you’re spinning around like a bee. There were some stuck moments when you don’t know where to go next, then you call Clare, the course leader, who breaks the ice from your thoughts, leads you out of all the (not only comfort) zones and bang! A few hours later, you have 3 pages of ideas on where to go next. It wasn’t easy, but it was a good, very good process.

Kipras Štreimikis

… when you see an elderly supermarket cleaner who seems to be typing something on her phone, but when you get closer you see that she’s just putting on a pair of rubber gloves, you stop for a moment and you realise the differences between generations, the influence of social networks, changing habits, addictions that can easily be transformed into a new advertisement, and then you remember what your teacher said: life comes first, so you stop, you put an idea somewhere in your head for the future, but what can you do when after this course your perception completely changes, so you work every moment, and your thoughts are just one long sentence, full of ideas and insights that never end…

Jonas Venckūnas

Papa Goose

I hesitated long and hard about joining The Atomic Garden, and had a lot of doubts about whether the school would meet my expectations. Now I can safely say that it was more than worth it. I met many professionals of this market and learned more in six months than others do in four years of university. And, of course, I got the job I wanted and loved. What more could you ask for?

Jogaila Ivašauskas


I had long been dreaming of working in advertising, but I was lost, distracted and wandering around in circles. The Atomic Garden fundamentally changed the course of my life by helping me harness my scattered creativity, introducing me to the colourful world of advertising and giving me the opportunity to learn from the coolest teachers. In addition, my dream came true – after finishing the Creativity in Advertising course, my teacher Rimantas Stanevičius invited me and my creative partner to join the creative team of Milk agency.

The experience and knowledge gained at The Atomic Garden school is unique and invaluable – it helps you not to get stuck in the creative process, to believe in yourself and to always find a way out. Being a creator is not easy, but I say THANK YOU for the opportunity to engage in it every morning.

Indrė Kochanauskaitė

Inspiring and engaging – that is what this course was for me. Interesting, high-quality and relevant theory was combined with a hands-on practical part, during which excellent professionals in their respective fields shared their experience. It was a great opportunity not only to create, but also to get answers to questions that arise when working with real clients. Special compliments to the course leader Clare McNally, who not only teaches the theory brilliantly, but is also fantastically inspiring! Even if you come up with 50 ideas and you feel that it’s all you can do, she will inspire you to come up with at least 10 more. These were intense months that strengthened the knowledge I already had and inspired me to create more and with more courage.

Indrė Kaminskaitė


It was a real school of contemporary life. As I hadn’t been involved in advertising before, this gave me a basic understanding of the threads that go into one or another type of advertising and the kind of material that can be produced from a single sentence of a task. Our brain is an unstoppable machine if you just let it work. I have seen it hundreds of times. You can generate lots of innovative ideas that change people’s perceptions of what has been normal for them. And this, strange as it may sound, can be achieved even through the most concise, one-word advertisement. All you need is the creativity to find it.

In short, the course gave me the courage and the understanding that I can try and make mistakes over and over again, but that it only makes me more creative and productive. Not just at work, but also in my life.

Ieva Ridzvanavičiūtė

Bored Panda

I can only say one word about The Atomic Garden Vilnius – amazing! To be honest, when I decided to come to this school, I did not expect to learn that much. My main goal here was to get to know people in the industry. I had a strong opinion that creativity cannot be learned, because it is either given to you or it is not. But, oh man, I was wrong. There are layers of strategies, inner things, concepts and techniques that lead you to creating good advertising. Not only did I meet really interesting teachers and students, but I also experienced the most interesting lectures. All of my expectations were exceeded. What is more, I got my dream job at one of the best advertising agencies in Lithuania.

Ieva Povilauskaitė

Jung von Matt

I would like to say that I discovered this school unexpectedly, however, it would be more accurate to say that it was the school that discovered me. The Atomic Garden is an entirely unique phase in my life, which has thrown me onto the merry-go-round of the advertising market.

During my studies, I met my teacher Arnas Aukštikalnis, who invited me to become the art director at DDB Vilnius, and just a few months after graduation, having gained the knowledge from The Atomic Garden, I won Lithuania’s Young Cannes Lions competition and went to Cannes to compete among the world’s best young talents. I came back ranked in Top 9 and very eager to catch my own lion in advertising.

My experience in Lithuania helped me to enrol in the Master’s programme at the Miami Ad School, where I am gaining international experience and striving for new achievements.

Emilė Borisaitė

Deux Chaises Creative

This course was not only useful but also a fun challenge for me. I started it with a good understanding of brand strategy, but Clare’s lectures as well as those of the other teachers helped me to delve deeper into different concepts and gave me new tools, which I’ve already had the opportunity to use in my personal and professional projects. It was very interesting to create by looking specifically through the prism of a GOOD brand: from brand story to copywriting or innovative and sustainable packaging alternatives. For both those who have never created a brand before and those who have already experienced the creative process – this course will give inspiration, understanding of market trends or will even help to develop a new brand!

Džiugas Skrupskelis


It was one of the most exciting rollercoasters of my life. From the Eureka moments when you create concepts that work, to the thought – What am I doing with my life? – when you’re stuck all day. Not to mention the fellow students and teachers who become your second family. It is very difficult to put all the wonderful adventures in a few sentences. I’ve increased my creativity by 200%. I’m tremendously happy about my studies. They gave me the basics of some areas and deepened my knowledge where I needed it. I apply this knowledge every day in my work and my life. Creativity and fun life go hand in hand.

Domas Tamulionis

Clinic 212

The Atomic Garden is a first-class ticket to the advertising industry. When I had already made the decision to study here, I decided to take part in one of the school’s creative sessions. Winning a scholarship unexpectedly brought about even more motivation. I was familiar with the world of advertising in the past, so I believed it would be a quick refresher. I’m happy I was wrong. The Creativity in Advertising course, where the cutting-edge industry knowledge and creative subtleties are shared by teachers of international level, will instill a sense of responsibility and discipline and most likely will guarantee you a job in advertising.

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