Jūratė Strolaitė

Kilo Health | Head of CRO

Jūratė got acquainted with digital marketing more than 7 years ago. It all began with managing social media pages, creating viral content, buying advertising and optimizing sales tunnels. Little was known about conversion optimization and a/b testing at the time, so she deepened her knowledge with ConversionXL (now CXL), the best conversion optimization (CRO) course on the market at the time. Over time, CRO communities were created in which she had to actively participate, and Jūratė shared her experience while working with other companies.

She currently manages a team of 17 CRO specialists working on conversion optimization for more than 16 different digital applications at Kilo Health. She also works with CRO academies and has already trained more than 10 successful CRO talents in this way.

Jūratė teaches in these courses:

Brand manager


Learn from someone else’s mistakes and master the art of managing your brand so well that it speaks for itself.


Creative Performance


Fill in the gaps in your knowledge of creativity in design and analytical processes, learn to communicate with creative and number-crunching teams & artificial intelligence, and become a universal employee.


Digital advertising


Give your brand a Digital advertising strategy that will stand out from the crowd and create tangible results.


Product Management


Build a solid product management foundation - from indicating a problem and determining opportunity size to conceiving, developing, testing, and scaling a solution.

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Creativity in advertising

Learn to ask the right questions, make bold decisions and create advertising that captures the hearts of award committees and consumers.

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Video production

Video production from A to Z: idea generation, script writing, visual communication, production and all the other stages.

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